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St. Marys Magazine publisher Barbara Ryan is an award-winning publisher who has focused on the Southeastern United States during her two-decade publishing career. Barbara began her career in the marketing department of Proctor & Gamble, moved up the ranks through several regional advertising agencies, and in 1987 founded her own advertising/public relations agency, The Ryan Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Barbara and her team garnered virtually every major creative award during their work for such esteemed clients as Lucent Technologies, Marriott Corporation, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, and First Union Corporation.

In the early nineties, Barbara launched her first publishing ventures that proved to be some of the most successful regional publications in Florida. Among them are Women's Business Journal, Cultural Quarterly Magazine, and Promenade Newspaper. Barbara also currently serves as CEO/President of Stormers Marketing, a full service advertising/ marketing/public relations firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale and St. Marys.

A prolific writer, Barbara's endeavor to give back to her beloved South inspired her to launch St. Marys Magazine. Only people who have visited Historic St. Marys understand the passage from one of the magazine's debut articles that says, "You may leave St. Marys, but St. Marys will never leave you." It is the publisher's hopes that St. Marys Magazine will be, for many, the compelling force that brings them discovery of this most enchanting waterfront village.

We invite you to call us at 954-290-9873 with any questions or suggestions for stories.

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